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We welcome you for Camping in Rishikesh Shivpuri.Our camp at Shivpuri is 16 kilometers ahead of Rishikesh. It can be a blissful experience camp in the lap of your nature, offering thrill in a thrilling fan encounter.

Surrounded by amazing magical mountains and surrounded by magnificent green forests. Camps in Rishikesh is guaranteed to adventure lovers of the experience with spectacular encounters with nature's luxurious elegance.

The camp is considered beautiful and inexpensive, situated in the best and grand peaks of Rishikesh. It gives a more comfortable space for the guests. After arriving at the camp, most of the tourists prefer the routine of this camp.

We provide a mixture of assistance, comfort, food, yoga, sports activities, enthusiasm, and character charm to your tourists. Camp workers are always ready to help you.

We decide to supply great products and services to our guests in various activities such as the Holi festival, the Deepavali festival, meditation, and yoga; Therefore, they can come to the camp at festivals and enjoy themselves. After coming to the camp, we will try not to let you get bored.

Go through the character's charms during the camp overnight, even sitting near the flame, looking at the shining star in the sky, admiring the bonfire at the camp.
The natural view and comfortable stay of this camp is an ideal place to pay a few days.

We offer deluxe tents, double and triple-share foundations available at the camp. It has no power within the kayak; However, statues are all readily available. It has no medical center readily available from the camp.

Camping Activities and Facilities: -

We provide you the facility of river rafting, biking, swimming pool, body surfing, cliff jumping, bonfire, hiking, etc.

You can eat all kinds of clean Indian / Western food in the camp, which comes in the center of other places. Electrical energy is available within the entire camp. The swimming pool can also enjoy yourself.

We Are Certified with Uttarakhand Tourism



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"Hospitality,Adventure, Food & Quality. We offer with love and joy" - Camp Nature View Shivpuri Rishikesh






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