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Camp Nature View - Camping in Rishikesh

Welcome to Camping in Rishikesh

Our Camp 16 km ahead of Rishikesh is a very beautiful adventure camp in nature's lap in Shivpuri, which offers unforgettable experiences to the adventurous lovers who come here. Situated between beautiful charming hills and surrounded by beautiful green forests. Camping in Rishikesh promises adventure lovers to provide good experiences with nature's amazing beauty. This Camp is considered one of the best and most beautiful camps in Rishikesh, which provides tourists a comfortable atmosphere. After coming to the camp, tourists enjoy the activities of the camp. We provides a mix of service, relaxation, yoga, food, sports enthusiasm and beauty of nature to its tourists. Camp staff are always ready to help you. We try to provide excellent services to our tourists in the Holi festival, Deepawali festival, as well as extra activities such as yoga and meditation so that they can come close to the camp and feel to nature. When you step in the camp, we will try that you can not feel the moment of boredom.

Experience the glory of nature during the cold dark night in the camp, sitting near the fire, watching the bright star in the sky, enjoying the bonfire in the camp. The panoramic view of the camp and the uninterrupted atmosphere of valleys are ideal places to spend one or two day. We provide deluxe tents in the camp single, twin and triple-share basis. There is no electricity inside the tent but the lanterns are available. There is no medical facility available in the camp.

Camping Activities and Facilities

In the camp offer you can enjoy the amenities of river rafting, swimming, body surfing, cliff jumping, games, bonfire, trekking etc. There are clean Indian / Western common toilets in the camp, which has the running water facility available, Electricity is available in the common area. The swimming pool is also present in the camp. Beds for staying in tents and there is a proper arrangement of buffet meals in the central dining area.Rishikesh camping with swimming pool .

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"Hospitality,Adventure, Food & Quality. We offer with love and joy" - Camp Nature View Shivpuri Rishikesh


Campping In Rishikesh Shivpuri is considered one of the best and most beautiful camps in Rishikesh, which provides tourists a comfortable atmosphere. The amazing beauty of the nature around the camp makes the visitors enchant coming here..







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A half hour drive from the Rishikesh Bus Stand will give you to experience an ideal quite destination for an extremely delightful and stress free vacation.


Jurisdiction : Rishikesh-Dehradun Court.




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